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My name is Brenda Gist and I have been teaching third grade at Dawson for 15 years. I live in Purdon with my husband and two children Bodee and Shelby. I graduated from Dawson, and both of my children have also. I enjoy teaching in Dawson, and it is a very special place to me. I can't wait to teach your children and have a great year.

Recent Posts

Homework for Feb. 16-19

Math- Tues.pp587-588, Wed.pp. 593-594, Thurs. pp.599-600
Reading- Tues. passage, Wed. read story, passage, Thurs. study for tests, passage
Spelling- study all week. Test on Friday

Homework for Feb. 1-5, 2016

Reading- Mon-Thurs. - Passage, study voc., read story A Growing Interest, AR
Math- Mon.p522, Tues-pp.529-530, Wed-pp.535-536, Thurs- pp.541-542
Spelling- study, test Friday

Homework for Nov. 30-Dec 4

Reading- study vocabulary each night. Start reading story Tues.-Thurs. Test on Friday over Dear Juno.
Math- DTR wk. 5-3,5-4 Mon, Tues- 5-5,5-6, Study for test on Wed ch.5, Wed-5-7,5-8, Thurs- pp349-350
Spelling- skill ar/or, write 3 times each Mon/Tues, test on Friday

Homework for Nov. 16-20

Reading- story Author, a true story- read Tues. and Wed., study vocabulary words every night.  Test on Friday
Math- test ch.5 on Friday, Mon-pp317-318, Tues-pp323-324, Wed- pp329-330, Thurs- DTR page
Spelling- write words 3 times each Mon & Tues
Have a great Thanksgiving holiday the following week!

Homework Nov. 9-13

Math- Mon.-287-288, Tues.-293-294, Wed-299-300, Thurs- 305-306
Spelling- Mon-3 times each, Tues- 3 times each, Fri-test

Nov. 2-6 Homework

Reading- read story A Castle on Viola Street ea. night, study vocabulary
Spelling- write 3 times each Mon & Tues, test Friday
Math- Mon-257-258, Tues-263-264, Wed-269-270, Thurs-275-276. Start studying multiplication facts.

Homework for Oct. 26-30

Reading- study vocabulary all week. Test on Friday
Math- Mon-pp241-242, Tues- DTR 3-8,3-9, Wed- 4-1,4-2, Thurs-4-3,4-4,
Ch. 4 test on Thurs.
Spelling- 3times each Mon & Tues, test- Friday

Homework for Oct. 19-23

Spelling- Mon (3 times each), Tues(3 times each)
Math- Mon(211-212), Tues(217-218), Wed(223-224), Thurs(229-230)
Reading- read story Tues-Thurs. test Fri

Homework for October 12-16

Math- Mon-185-186,  Tues-91-192, Wed.-DTR2-8, 3-1,  Thurs.- DTR 3-2,3-3, Fri- test
Reading- study vocabulary each night, read story Tues-Thurs, test Friday
Spelling- Mon- 3 times each, Tues-3 times each, Friday-test

Homework for Oct. 5-9

Math- Mon.-155-156, Tues-161-162, Wed.-167-168, Thurs.-173-174
Spelling- Mon & Tues- Write 3 times each, test-Fri.
Reading- Mon-Study vocab., Tues-Thurs- read story Boom Town, test Fri

Homework for Sept. 28-Oct. 1

Spelling-  6 weeks review list, test Friday, Tuesday and Wednesday- write 3 times each.
Reading- no story this week.
Math- test Ch2 on Wednesday, study all week
Monday- Daily teks review wk. 1-9,2-1
Tues- DTR wk. 2-2,2-3
Wed. DTR wk. 2-4,2-5
Thurs.- pp. 143-144

Homework for Sept. 21-25

Reading- study vocabulary words and read story pp.116-137, test on Friday
Spelling- write words 3 times on Tues. and Wed., test on Friday
Math- Mon-pp99-100, Tues-p. 105, Wed-pp.112-113, Thurs-117-118


Reading-  Study vocabulary words and read story all week. pp.82-103
Math-  Mon.pp15-17 and study for test 1, Tues.- Test 1, pp.20,23, Wed.- pp.81-82, Thurs.- pp.87-88
Spelling-  Tues. and Wed.- write 3 times each, Long o

Homework for Sept. 8-11

Reading- study vocabulary words all week, read story pp.70-73 Wed. and Thurs.
Spelling-  write 3 times each Tues. and Wed.
Math-  Tues. p. 55, Wed- rounding, Thurs.- pp.61-62
Study for test Thurs.night for Friday

Homework for Aug.31-Sept.4

Mon- study reading and spelling words, Math-hw. pp31-32
Tues- study reading voc. and read story Amazing Grace, write spelling words 3 times each, Math- hw. pp37-38
Wed- study reading voc. and read story, write spelling words 3 times, Math-hw. pp. 43-44
Thurs- study for reading and spelling tests, Math pp49-50