Security Upgrades at Dawson ISD

Dawson Bulldog Family,

We take the safety and security of all of our staff and students very seriously at our school. This summer, Dawson ISD Board of Education voted to appropriate additional funds to increase the physical security of our school, from hiring a full time guardian to hardening entrances to our campuses.

The next steps of this plan will go into effect on Wednesday, November 9th. All doors, including the Front Entrance, will be locked on our campuses during instructional time. Recent upgrades have added a video doorbell/intercom system that will allow us to vet all visitors of our campus at the entrance before they are allowed to enter the school. You will need to ring this doorbell upon arriving, which will then ring a staff member to let you in. You will then need to present proper ID and check in with the secretary BEFORE entering any further into the building.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter. If you have any questions, please contact Dawson ISD at 254-578-1031.