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About Dawson ISD

Dawson High School
The Dawson Independent School District is a public school district based in Dawson, Texas. DISD serves southwestern Navarro County in Central Texas, including the unincorporated community of Purdon, Texas. An extremely small portion of the district extends into neighboring Hill County. The school mascot is Bulldogs.  DISD has one school with three campuses - Dawson Elementary (grades pre-k through 6), Dawson Junior High School (grades 7-8), and Dawson Senior High School (grades 9-12). DISD is administered by a superintendent and administrative staff in the central administration offices, which is located in the Dawson Senior High School building. Policy decisions and administrative suggestions are made by the Board of Trustees, who are elected by the community and school district members. 
Dawson Elementary
Mission and Motto
The mission of DISD is to provide each student a meaningful, challenging education, delivered in a safe learning environment, that prepares him or her to be a capable, productive, and contributing citizen. DISD's motto is "Learners Today, Leaders Tomorrow!".
Enrollment Counts and Student / Teacher Ratio Counts
DISD serves approximately 578 students as of November 25th, 2023. The approximate student-to-teacher ratio is 14:1. DISD employs approximately 110 administrators, faculty, staff, and teachers.
Old Dawson High School2008 Bond
In 2008, the Dawson Independent School District issued a $3,995,000 Bond for Dawson ISD Members to vote on for School Repairs, Property Expansion, and Debt Relief. The repair side of the bond was for a new roof for Dawson Junior / Senior High School, security upgrades for the entrances of all district campuses, bathroom remodels, new gym floor, and science lab repairs. A Baseball / Softball / Tennis Complex, a new concession stand with restrooms for the Ed Mitchell Field, and 5 buses were purchased with the bond, too. Members voted "Yes" on their ballots which lead to the passing of the 2008 School Bond Elections. All projects are currently completed.
2018 Bond
Dawson ISD New Gym 2019
In 2018, the Dawson Independent School District issued a $5,850,000 Bond for a new gymnasium/stage for district-wide use, renovations to the locker rooms of the current High School Gym, renovations of the Elementary School Gym, and expansion/renovation of the High School Cafeteria. This was all due to overwhelming growth within our district. Members voted 132 FOR / 130 AGAINST on their ballots, which lead to the passing of the 2018 School Bond Elections. All projects are currently completed. Visit the 2018 Dawson ISD Bond Facebook page for more information, photos, and videos.
Dawson ISD Athletic Complex2023 Bond
In 2023, the Dawson Independent School District issued a $13,300,000 Bond for a new Football Field with amenities to replace the current Ed Mitchell Field located near the Jr/Sr High School campus. It will contain Dawson ISD's first 8-lane track and also provide turf for the Baseball/Softball Field. Voters approved this measure 308 FOR / 277 AGAINST on November 7th, 2023. Construction is expected to begin in 2024. The new stadium will be located in the Dawson ISD Athletic Complex, which is located to the north of Dawson Jr/Sr High School Campus. For more information, visit the 2023 Bond website.