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Extra Points Available- Limited Time

Students may bring Kleenex, Notebook Paper, Pencils for extra credit. They will need to ask for a permanent marker to write their first and last name of the item to receive credit. If they have a permanent marker at home it may be done prior to bringing to school.
Kleenex- 5 points per box
Notebook Paper- 5 points per package of 150 sheets
Pencils- 5 points per box of 10-12
Max of 20 points given
The cut off date is September 3, 2021 by the start of 8th period.


All Passwords Are First Initial, Last Name, and your Student ID (lunch number)
(example John Doe Student ID# 501222 would be jd501222)

For Hyphenated last names, it will be the first initial of the first last name.
(example Jane Doe-Smith - ID #501232 would be jd501232)

Update your password in your email on your phone, or tablet.

Official Message from Administration for Online Students

Students are required to log into google classroom and complete all tasks and assignments on a daily basis for attendance purposes, as well as for their grade averages. Attendance and truancy guidelines will be enforced the same as face to face instruction. Please make sure to log on daily, according to the instructional days on the district calendar, to avoid losing credit or facing truancy charges.