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Dawg Pack

Dawg Pack
The force behind the heart of Bulldog Country.
"Fight like a Bulldog"
We are a part of Student Council.
Members will be asked to fill out at-large membership forms for Student Council. This is a great chance to get some required hours for membership. We are hoping to grow our student council program and help students and the school, in return.
The Dawg Pack originated in 2018 to give support to Dawson High School sports teams. They made appearance at home football games in the first year. They also traveled to the first football playoff game to support their fellow Bulldogs, no matter the outcome. A Dawg Pack never gives up because you know there is always somewhere there to fall back on, always someone to support you, and to celebrate greatness.
How do you join?
There will be a signup period at the start of each school year. You will need to sign up and participate with the group. It is a voluntary group, but remember you are depended on and never want to leave your group if they need you. It is recommended that you purchase a Dawg Pack official shirt. They are typically bright in color and show support for the Dawson Bulldogs.
Can I join if I play sports?
Yes, you don't have to be a part of the PACK, every event. It is ok to be the "main event" and the Dawg Pack will be there to support you, and you can still be a part during the events that you are able.