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In class students may click on the Google icon from my teacher page to join.  You will then type in the appropriate code from this page to join.  
Online students may join by logging into their Dawson ISD email and click on the invite link that I have sent you.  If this does not work you may manually login with the code given on this page.  If for some reason you have trouble you MUST email me to make contact.  This can affect your attendance so it is very important.  
Google Classroom Codes:
2nd period - College Prep Math:   tt7fpoc
3rd period - Geometry:   gsffk3p
4th period - Geometry:   3ozfyvq
5th period- College Prep Math:  ytzcbxd
7th period - Geometry:  prrdvwx
8th period - Algebraic Reasoning:   etqqsji
Students are required to log into google classroom and complete all tasks and assignments on a daily basis for attendance purposes as well as for their grade averages.
Attendance and truancy guidelines will
be enforced the same as face to face instruction, so please make sure to log on daily Monday through Friday to avoid losing credit or facing truancy charges. 


Wow....2nd Semester!

Hey guys! Can you believe we've made it to February of the 2nd semester!? Time is truly flying by...especially during this crazy pandemic we are living in. Just wanted to drop a note/video to say hey you got this! Don't forget to check-in daily with Google Classroom and do the assigned activities! Let's finish this year with a bang! :) Have a wonderful day :)