Time for us to get to work.
One of the things we are getting to do this year is a band camp for the high school. We will have two weeks to get us back into the swing of things and hopefully prep us for the year to come.
August 7th-11th: Practice will be from 11:30-1:30 (Football players, get to practice as quickly as possible. Volleyball players, I will let y'all out a few minutes early so you can get to practice on time)
August 14th-18th: Practice times will hopefully be the same but I need to check on some other things first.
Hopefully all of you have been practicing, if not I would suggest getting back to it so that you are ready to go. We have a lot to get done and very little time to do it. That being said, I know making it to these rehearsals may not always be easy but please do everything in your power to be there. This is our one and only chance to get a jump on the year and get some quality rehearsal time in before we start back.
For those of you interested in more rehearsal time, I will be in the band hall early every day of rehearsal (most likely by 10) and will likely be there for a bit after rehearsal so you can stay and practice or if we have enough people we will just continue rehearsal until we do not have enough people.