Mrs. Torres' Math Teacher Page

Hello, my name is Mrs. Torres!  I teach 4th, 5th and 6th grade Math at Dawson Elementary!
Students, in the event that you are not at school due to COVID-19, please remember to log in to your email and Google Classroom.  We will be communicating and uploading assignments through Google Classroom.  
You can also call the school and ask for Mrs. Dudik from 10 AM- 11 AM any day for help with homework or guidance through any of your online work.  
I will answer as promptly as possible and will have your assignments uploaded after your class so you may have the notes for the day as well.  Please check and keep in contact with all your teachers throughout the day!

The links needed if you are away are located in the "Doghouse" on the Dawson ISD website and I have included some which are located to the side -------->>>>>
Have a great week!
Mrs. Torres :)
Students have been given an email account through the district.  Go to gmail login (you can google it) and the username is (legal name)
The password is the first initial, last initial, and lunch number.
For example;  Ashlee Torres 123456
username:  password: at123456